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Ankle Fracture

Day of Surgery

  • High Elevation on two pillows
  • Neurovascular Observations
  • Commence clexane 40mg s/c  (duration 2 weeks)
  • Analgesic medication
  • Antibiotics for three doses
  • Strict Non weight bearing (duration 6 weeks)

Day 1 Post Operative

  • Elevation of leg as much as possible for first 2 weeks
  • Mobilization non-weight bearing with physiotherapist (crutches / frame)
  • Discharge home day 1-3
  • Dressings remain intact until next review

Day 10-14 Post Operative

  • Radiographs of Ankle performed if required
  • Review of wounds and removal of stitches
  • Application of new cast/removable boot
  • May shower/bath if wounds healed, but do not "soak"
  • Remains Non weight bearing for the first 6 weeks from day of surgery
  • Cease clexane

Week Six

  • Radiographs of Ankle Performed
  • Allowed to weight bear as tolerated without Boot
  • Rehabilitation program concentrating on strength, proprioception, and range of motion
  • Gradually increase activity level as symptoms dictate
  • May return to driving when walking independently

Other Considerations

Time off from work varies. For those with sedentary or office type employment I recommend 2 weeks of leave. Those required to walk and stand for prolonged periods generally require 8 weeks off work. May return to driving when walking independently, this is usually 8 weeks for right sided injuries. May drive after 2 weeks if left sided injury and driving an automatic car.


  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • St Vincent's Clinic
  • St Luke's Hospital
  • The University of Sydney